“POST DATE 8/1/22


After significant delays with labor and material sourcing, we are finally getting underway with the construction that you have all paid for via special assessment.  Beginning this week, you will see activity around the complex related to this work.  PARKING MAY BE IMPACTED as the construction company will need space to stage materials and equipment.  The ELCA Board will be staying in touch with individual unit owners regarding scheduling of work for this summer.

Other specific questions regarding the 2022 and anticipated 2023 construction will be gladly addressed at the Annual Meeting on August 13th. We hope to see you then!”

Post date: 7/13/2022

2022 ANNUAL MEETING / BUDGET PROPOSAL / AGENDA are all available to current owners.  Details have been emailed to the owner’s email address that we have on file.

Post date 6/15/22


The Eagles Landing Condominium Association Annual Meeting will be held on August 13th, 2022.  The meeting will be held at the Estes Park Library – Hondius Room – 1:30pm Mountain Time.

An agenda, as well as the proposed 2023 budget will be emailed and made available no later than July 13th for review.

Your attendance is requested!!!!  There will not be an available remote dial in opportunity for this meeting.  If you are not able to attend, we need you to use the Proxy system to allow someone in attendance to vote on your behalf.  Further information regarding the Proxy process will be provided before the end of June.


POST DATE 05/31/22


Spring is here and there are lots of wildlife baby’s around.

Please be extra vigilant while enjoying the complex.

Never approach wildlife – even deer and elk have been known to attack humans when they feel that their young are in danger.  While it may be tempting to get a good picture, it is not worth the risk of injury.  

Be especially cautious if you have dogs – they must be leashed, and in full owner control at all times when outside.  Do not let dogs bark at, or harass wildlife.  

Please take this note seriously, as we did, in fact, have a unit owner just last summer that was severely injured by an elk that felt that her calf was in danger.  

Dawn and Dusk are very prone to increased wildlife activity.  Be Safe!

POST DATE 05/26/22


Attention Owners,

As we move into summer and the complex becomes more active, it is extremely important that everyone does their part to comply with all rules and regulations governing the property.  These are in place to allow everyone to enjoy their home and the complex while respecting the comfort of fellow owners.

I would encourage everyone to re-read the Rules and Regulations document that you signed at the time of your purchase.  This document is easily accessed under the “Our Association” tab on our website.  Common violations that everyone needs to pay particular attention to are regarding parking, pets, noise during quiet hours, and refuse disposal. Owners – If you are renting your unit to others, please understand that you are responsible for your tenant’s compliance with the rules and regulations, so please make every attempt to communicate this note with your tenants.

POST DATE – 05/27/22


Buildings E and F are scheduled to be repainted.The start date is expected to be Monday, June 6th – as long as the weather cooperates! If you are renting your unit, please ensure that your renters are notified.  There will obviously be some disruption with parking, etc. Please be courteous to the paint crew while they complete their work.