Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Eagles Landing Condominium Association


Owners, tenants, guests and visitors are advised that this is a condominium community and compliance with these rules and regulations is necessary to assure a community of congenial residents.

A.   Safety, Security, and Insurance

  1. Outdoor lighting including that in entry areas shall not be altered, disconnected, or turned off nor bulbs unscrewed or removed.  Only white bulbs may be used.
  2. All smoking materials (i.e. cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes) shall be disposed of in an appropriate fireproof container. All wood burning fireplaces should be inspected annually and cleaned as necessary.  It is recommended that all gas fireplaces be inspected every two years.
  3. Thermostats shall be maintained at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in unoccupied units, to prevent bursting of water pipes in common walls.

B.   Traffic Safety

  1. The parking lots and driveways shall not be used as a playground.
  2. Entrance to Eagles Landing is on the south side of the property, exit is on the north side. Only persons parking on the south side of H building may use the south drive as an exit, and only persons parking on the north side of C, D and E buildings may use the north drive as an entrance.

C.   Courtesy Issues

  1. No owner or lessee shall create or permit any disturbance that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of others.
  2. No washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, paper shredder, or other major appliance or power tools shall be used between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. No noise that disturbs other residents shall occur between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.

D.   General and Limited Common Areas

  1. Monthly dues are due on the first of each month; those not received within 10 days are subject to late fees.
  2. Patios, decks, entrance areas and steps must be kept in a clean and uncluttered condition.  Patios and decks are to be used for normal outdoor furniture and grills only. These areas shall not to be used for storage, except for non-motorized bicycles.
  3. No structures shall be erected on decks, patios or in common areas. (i.e. tents, dog houses, canopies, large playhouses)
  4. Charcoal grills are not permitted. Gas grills may be used on decks, patios, or in common areas.  No grills are to be used or stored in covered entry areas. Grills shall not be used within five feet of any exterior building wall.
  5. Firewood shall not be placed against buildings or under stairways. Wood shall be stored on patios near outside fences.  No Hazardous or toxic materials shall be stored on decks or patios or in entry areas.
  6. No decorations or artwork shall be placed on any exterior walls, fences, railings, or common areas.  Decorations on front doors and inside patios are permitted.  Exception: Holiday decorations are permitted for any holiday (e.g. Christmas, Easter, July 4, Halloween) are permitted but must be removed after 14 days.
  7. There shall be no clotheslines or other clothes drying apparatus visible from other units, common areas, or the street.
  8. Furniture, bicycles, toys, yard ornaments or clutter shall not be left outside condominium units at any time.  These items so left will be impounded.
  9. No owner or lessee will cause damage to any of the common areas including but not limited to shrubs, tables, courtesy lights, parking spaces, or roadway, as the owner will be liable for those damages.
  10. Owners shall be responsible to the Association for any property damages to the general or limited common areas caused by any person or animal staying in, living in, or visiting their unit.
  11. FOR RENT or FOR SALE signs shall be limited to one sign per unit, four square feet in size.  No other signs are permitted.  Signs advertising businesses or services are not permitted on buildings, in windows, or anywhere on the grounds.  Exception: Political signs for candidates or issues may be posted for a maximum period of fourteen (14) days.
  12. Hot tubs are not permitted.

E.    Rentals

  1. Short term rentals prohibited:  No unit shall be leased or rented to any tenant or other non-owner occupant for a term of less than thirty (30) days.
  2. Every rental agreement of a condominium unit to a tenant must be a written document containing, in addition to any other usual lease terms, the following information: (a) the names of all occupants, (b) a description and license number of all motor vehicles to be parked on the premises, and (c) the expected date of termination.
  3. Every unit owner who leases a unit to a tenant shall (a) contemporaneously with the signing of the lease by the tenant, give the tenant a written copy of the latest version of the Eagles Landing Rules and Regulations, (b)  require the tenant to sign a receipt stating that said tenant has received and read the rules and regulations, and agrees to follow said rules and regulations, and (c) within ten days of the commencement date of the lease, furnish to the Board of Directors a copy of said written lease and a copy of the signed receipt required by (b) above.
  4. In order to control the conduct of tenants in condominium units, all rental agreements by which unit owners lease units to tenants shall use the written lease form approved and provided by the Eagles Landings Condominium Association. Said lease shall require the owner to deposit the first month’s rent with the Condominium Association.  Said lease shall further include Eagles Landing Condominium Association as a Third Party to the agreement with specific authority to terminate the lease and remove the tenant from the property by legal action in a court of law, if said tenant is found to be in continuous violation of the Condominium Association Rules and Regulations.  Such action will commence after due notice to the owner and the tenant, after parties are given opportunity to be heard, and after a written decision is reached by the Board of Directors. The decision of the Board of Directors is not appealable to any higher authority.  The rent deposit shall be used to partially defray legal expenses incurred to remove the tenant, and for no other purpose. If said deposit is not so used, upon termination of the lease it shall be returned to the unit owner. Said lease shall contain no provisions giving the Eagles Landings Condominium Association authority to pre-select or prohibit any prospective tenant chosen by the unit owner.

F.   Pets

  1. Only unit owners may have pets.
  2. Problematic (i.e. excessive barking, aggression) pets may be removed by the Association, after notice to the pet owner.
  3. Pets shall be on leash at all times when not confined to the owner’s condominium unit or enclosed deck or patio.  Pets shall not be allowed to roam the grounds unattended.
  4. Pets shall not be walked on the grounds. Pet owners shall immediately remove any waste created by their animals.
  5. Waste deposited on decks or patios shall be removed immediately.

G.   Trash/Garbage Collection

  1. Trash must be placed in a closed bag sufficient to prevent spillage of contents before being placed in the dumpster.
  2. No trash whatsoever is to be left outside the dumpster.
  3. Empty boxes must be flattened and/or cut up before being placed in the dumpster.
  4. Large plastic containers (i.e. gallon milk jugs) should be flattened to conserve space in the dumpster.
  5. No active fireplace ashes are to be placed in the dumpster. Cold ashes shall be placed in a sealed bag prior to placement in the dumpster.
  6. No large items (i.e. furniture, mattresses, tires, grills, construction materials, etc.  are to be placed inside or outside the dumpster. Residents are responsible for taking items to the Estes Park Transfer Station (Waste Management) at 455 Elm Road, phone 586-6478. Any items of such nature disposed in or around the dumpster and resulting in increased cost for the Association will be billed to the owner.
  7. No paint, motor oils, petroleum products or other hazardous or toxic materials are to be placed in or outside the dumpster.  These items are to be taken to the Estes Park Transfer Center.
  8. Dumpster lids are to be closed and secured at all times to comply with all wild animal regulations.
  9. To reduce filling our dumpster and landfill recyclables may be taken to the Estes Park Transfer Station.

H.  Vehicles and Parking

  1. Parking of two (2) vehicles per unit is permitted—one (1) in the unit-designated space and one (1) in a visitor space. Each vehicle shall occupy only one parking space.
  2. Storage of any vehicles (an unlicensed vehicle, one with an expired license, or one that is stationary for 10 days) is not allowed.
  3. There shall be no mechanical work on vehicles on the property except for emergencies such as changing a flat tire or replacing a dead battery.
  4. Absolutely no washing of vehicles on the grounds.
  5. Boats, trailers, campers, motor homes, large commercial trucks and vans, buses, and other such vehicles shall not be allowed to park overnight in parking areas, except as allowed by the Association. This prohibition does not include pickup trucks with caps or covered beds.
  6. There shall be no parking of commercial vehicles (i.e. those bearing any company logos/names) except those contracted to do maintenance work within the condominium complex.
  7. All motor vehicles must be maintained as not to create an eyesore for the community. An eyesore shall be deemed to exist when two or more residents complain to the Board, or a majority of the Board members deems it an eyesore.  No vehicle leaking fluid may park on the property.


Revised December 2017


Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

As provided by the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act, the Eagles Landing Condominium Association Declaration and the Association through the Board of Directors shall have the authority to:  Impose charges for late payment of assessments; and to recover reasonable attorney fees and for other legal costs for collection of assessment and other action to enforce the provisions of the Declaration, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations for the Association, regardless of whether or not suit is initiated; and after notice and opportunity to be heard, may levy reasonable fines for violations of the Declarations, By-laws, or Rules and Regulations.